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Get Paid To Do Free Offers!

Cash Crate is an online “Get Paid To” (GPT) program where you complete offers and surveys and get money in return. Although many similar sites exist, it’s easy to get lost in the many number of vague sites out there (e.g. the ones where you pay the site, not the other way around). As far as I can tell, CashCrate seems to be one of the most legitimate and reliable site!

This is the process for me:

  1. Pick a survey or offer from the list in the members area (the tutorial says to start off by sorting the offers by 100% Free + sort by Rating)
  2. Clicking an offer will redirect you to that offer’s site. Once you’re there you fill out a series of pages or answer some questions.
  3. When finished you go back to the CashCrate site, hit ‘Submit’ for that offer, and the amount will be added to your (pending) earnings.
  4. Within a few hours you should receive a confirmation from CashCrate saying that the offer was accepted and the pending money has been moved into your current earnings.


Get Paid To Do Free Offers!

Tip's & Trick's

Tips & Tricks

One of the biggest downsides to CashCrate is all the spam you can receive.  However we have an easy solution to stop the two major types of spam.

Email:  To stop email spam, make sure to use a spam mail account.  This is simply an email account that you dedicate to receiving spam mail.  You can use any email provider but just when your making an email account, make the name creative with very few numbers. 

 Getting Faster Approvals:

The purpose for achieving faster approval times is so you can receive your money faster, and don't wait as long.  To accomplish this, simply follow a few steps:

1.  Before each offer you begin, delete your cookies.  Just make sure to save or protect your CashCrate cookies, as it will log you out if you don't.

2.  Rotate between a few emails when filling out the offers.  For example, if your doing one offer use one email, but then the next offer you do use a different email.  Make sure these are real emails, and the trick should work. 

3.  When you're choosing offers, don't sort them by payout but instead sort them by Rating.  These offers are the ones that have your highest chance of approving the fastest.

4.  At the end of offers and when you reach the Personal Enhancement page (not all offers do), fill out just a few extra pages.  Even if you can just press skip at the bottom to go to the next page, do that a couple of times and then exit out.



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